Dorco shaving razor

wood free razor with blades

Dorco are giving away a free shaving razor with a razor blade included to improve your morning shave routing


Wilkinson Sword Razor

Men Hydro 5 razor

Wilkinson Sword are giving away their new razor, the Hydro 5. The razor uses cartridges (not included) available on the high street. Grab yours now:


The SK5 razor

Mens Grooming razor

Male Grooming: A 5 blade razor for less irritation. A great shaving tool for your wet shaving routine. Grab your razor now for free and improve your shave. 


£100 Stag Grooming 


Stag England Male Grooming

Stag England, a Male Grooming Company are giving away £100 vouchers for their wet shaving collection, including wood safety razors and shaving brushes.